Build your legacy

by the barrel.

Invest in Aging Barrels of Bourbon Whiskey.


Bourbon’s net value can potentially multiply to well over 2X over 4 years – that’s a 200% increase.


Your investment is carefully crafted and cared for.

KYBAC purchases, manages, and stores a diversified pool of young bourbon/whiskey barrels to provide a diversified non-correlated alternative asset for accredited investors. The portfolio may consist of bourbon/whiskey barrels aging from new fill (own bourbon/whiskey barrel day one from distillery) all the way through 4-year-old bourbon/whiskey barrels.

Your bourbon will appreciate as it ages/matures, and gains will be harvested opportunistically by the most tax efficient means possible.

Invest in Aging Barrels of Bourbon Whiskey.



KYBAC is your guide to investing in the emerging bourbon market. Offering you proven long-term growth and stability over traditional investments.


Bourbon is Booming

Bourbon is a form of whiskey made mostly from corn. Most bourbon is made with corn, rye and malted barley. The combination of grains in a recipe is called the “mash bill.”

For a whiskey to be called “bourbon,” it must be:

  • Made in the United States
  • At least 51% corn
  • Aged in new, charred American oak barrels
  • Bottled no less than 40% alcohol.

100% of the color comes from the barrel. Bourbon comes off the still as clear as vodka – 70-80% of the sweetness, vanilla, caramel, and roasted flavor notes come from the barrel.

The Bourbon barrels are made from American White Oak. The barrels are charred on the inside to allow the bourbon to penetrate the wood. The charring brings the wood sugars to surface in the barrel. The intense nut flavors associated with bourbon all come from the barrel that the liquor will touch.

Data from the Distilled Spirits Council of the United States shows that the total volume of American whiskey sales were up to 4.5% in 2021 and revenue over the same period was up at 7%.

The boom for whiskey continued throughout the pandemic and bourbon accounts for 37% share of whiskey subcategories and 13% share of the total liquor category in 2021 to date. Over the same period in 2020, bourbon held a 40% share of the whiskey subcategory and a 14% share of the total liquor category. *

* Source


With the perfect blend of climate, conditions, and limestone water, Kentucky, the birthplace of Bourbon, is crafting 95% of the world’s supply.


Your Guides to Bourbon Investing

Todd Stewart


  • 30 years experience 
  • Co-founder NYLIM Large Cap Market Neutral Funds ($1.2B notion value)

Paul Mitchell

Chief Marketing Officer

  • 22 years experience in Brand and Marketing Strategies
  • Founder of Chattanooga, TN based Brand Consultancy, Saint Emblem

Jason Hargadon


  • 20 years experience
  • Counseled clients in over $30 M worth of transactions in the bourbon Industry 

Coby Adkins


  • Developer of lending guidelines and risk strategy within the bourbon industry 
  • Experience in over $90M bourbon or bourbon related transactions


How Investing in Bourbon Works


Fund-Like Investment

It is an investment into bourbon by purchasing membership interests of Kentucky Bourbon Aging Company LLC.


We Purchase Barrels

Barrels are purchased and stored until they have aged and appreciated in value.


We Manage Barrels

Barrels will be managed by KYBAC for a fee of 2% AUM and 20% profits.


The Barrels are Insured

Barrels will be insured at their present value and adjusted quarterly to account for the appreciation in value.


We Sell the Barrels

We sell our bourbon to distilleries, NDPs, bottling companies, private labels and bulk brokers.


Bourbon is one of the fastest growing categories in the spirits industry, averaging an appreciation of about 14% per year since 2010.

The Process


Bourbon investment objectives and strategy


Purchase barrels of young bourbon/whiskey and then age them further.


Aging bourbon is an alternative, non- correlated asset class for investors.


Requires a medium to long-term commitment in an illiquid investment.

The Value of Bourbon is Growing at Record Levels

This growth and the emergence of an ever-improving secondary market for bourbon/whiskey prompted a team of experienced partners with over 30 years of alternative asset/investment and bourbon/whiskey experience to create Kentucky Bourbon Aging Company LLC “KYBAC”.

KYBAC’s primary mission is to mainstream, institutionalize, and offer this unique investment opportunity to accredited investors around the world.

Invest in Aging Barrels of Bourbon Whiskey.

JULY 31, 2022 TO SEPTEMBER 30, 2023

KYBAC Net Performance

The underlying investment option is subject to market risk and fluctuations in value. This information was prepared for illustration purposes only, is confidential, and may not be disseminated without prior written consent of Kentucky Bourbon Aging Company LLC. This is not an offer to sell, nor a solicitation of an offer to buy securities. An offering is made only by delivery of the Confidential Offering Memorandum and Limited Partnership Agreement for Admission, which should be read in its entirety.


Learn more about the Bourbon market and how it can impact your portfolio.

Why we started KYBAC

Adding non-correlated returns to your portfolio is here to stay.

We believe young bourbon/whiskey barrels are the next alternative asset class.

Why we started KYBAC

The myths around bourbon

Just like the market itself, bourbon carries misconceptions.

How long must bourbon be aged? Is ALL bourbon made in Kentucky? Get answers to some of the most frequent questions.

The myths around bourbon

The 2023 Bourbon Investing Forecast

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As the bourbon investment market is still relatively new, it's popularity is accelerating quickly. KYBAC aims to keep you informed frequently on the process of distilling, product quality, trends, and ultimately how these aspects can effect the market and industry. Utilizing great outlets like will help you gain knowledge from some of the best resources in the industry.

The 2023 Bourbon Investing Forecast

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